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Will Bank of America Listen to the Social Customer?

I am not going to complain about Bank Of America’s decision of charging $5 to use their debit card, even though I’m a current card holder of the Alaska Airlines “Award Winning Mileage Plan”. The great thing about living in this country is that we have options, so yes, I will be cancelling my card this week.  $5 isn’t a ton of money but it’s the principle that kinda bothers me.

The bigger question in my mind is if Bank Of America is listening to the conversation online about their business decision. Since last week, Twitter has blown up with conversation from outraged customers telling the world that they aren’t happy and will be switching banks; and others starting a petition (over 20K signatures). Their competitors are even joining the conversation and reminding their customers and the general public that their card services will remain free.

Social Business Planning Presentation for Thomson Reuters

Yesterday, I had the tremendous opportunity to present the below deck to Jen McClure and the social media task force at Thomson Reuters. Enjoy!

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The Social Customer is Forcing @Netflix to Change its Business Model

I won’t get into the details about the recent Netflix drama (you can read the full story here on Mashable) but the reality is that the social customer and their growing influence is forcing business to change.  Here is Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO apologizing to customers and making a significant announcement (blog post here). Hat tip to Mr. Hastings for responding to customer comments on the blog post.

Creating a social media policy can and should be fun for everyone involved!

Establishing a governance model and social media policies and guidelines is the perfect opportunity to get employees involved in co-creating policies that help shape their own behavior on the social web. It will certainly increase employee morale; and also create positive perception of transparency and trust from people like me who are on the outside looking in. Hats off to the team that is responsible for this.

Social Business Interview with @thekenyeung

I hate being on video but my good friend Ken Yeung asked me to do the interview. DISCLOSURE: This interview was after a few glasses of wine.

The IBM Social Business Coffee Break with @Sandy_Carter

Sandy Carter, Vice President of Social Business Evangelism at IBM walks through the first four trends that have disrupted the business over the last 20 years – Mainframes, Departmental, PCs and the Internet. The fifth era is social business.

She describes that “social” is more than just Facebook, Twitter and even gives an example of a conversation she had with a CIO of a large bank during the internet era many years ago. The CIO told her that banking would never be done over the Internet; and if it did, he would give her his year’s salary.  She never collected it.

She explains that companies should use social media in every aspect of their business, not just Public Relations and Marketing in order to gain a competitive advantage and to increase their business metrics – productivity, revenue and profits. Sandy is a great speaker. Enjoy.

My First Book Signing Was A Success – We Raised $3,860 for @Not_For_Sale

Last Wednesday night, I signed books at the Silicon Valley Tweetup – a total of about 40 or so. I was a little embarrassed sitting behind a table but all in all, I had such a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well. Here is me posing.

Tweetable Moments from Chap 1: Smart Business, Social Business #TweetableMoments

Feel free to use/tweet any of the insights from the slides. Please tag with #TweetableMoments; no need to @reply me unless you want to. Full text below the SlideShare.

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Video Review of Smart Business, Social Business

A big thank you to Brandon Prebynski and Mitch Neff from who reviewed my book as well as “No Bullshit Social Media” by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers.