The following are book reviews from several of Michael’s mentors, industry and business leaders, experts and analysts in the social media space.

Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group says:

Michael Brito is one of the real deals.  In a world where it’s hard to find accredited sources in disruptive technology, Michael Brito has brand side experience, as well as agency side perspective. His new book is a likely desktop reference for organizations to understand the social customer and to humanize its business operations.

Robert Scoble, Technology Blogger & Influencer says:

It isn’t enough to just be on Twitter and Facebook to be “social” in business today. Michael Brito expertly leads you into the 2012 world where being social in business is expected, not an extra frill done by some geeks in the corner. This book will get your company up to date and will show you the management and tooling changes you’ll need to make to keep up with the Facebook generation.

Sean O’Driscoll, CEO of Ant’s Eye View says:

A worthy reference I’ll happily recommend.  Pragmatic social business advice from a proven practitioner taking an approach that is about your whole business – from social customer to social employee to the social organization.

Clara Shih, Author of The Facebook Era and CEO/Founder of Hearsay Social says:

It’s time to get serious about social media execution. Michael Brito shows you how. This book will transform your thinking and inspire change across your organization.

Ben Parr, Editor-at-Large, Mashable says:

“Smart Business, Social Business” should be in the hands of every executive who knows social media is transforming the way we do business and doesn’t want to get left behind.

Chip Rodgers, Vice President and COO, SAP Community Network, SAP AG says:

Smart Business, Social Business is comprehensive in scope and a must-read for all businesses grappling with the rapidly-changing world of social media and its potential positive (or negative) impact on business.

David Alston, Chief Marketing Officer, Radian6 – A Salesforce Company says:

It’s clear now that every business needs to begin it’s transformational journey towards becoming a social enterprise. This book gets right to it with practical steps to take, models to follow, roles to create, and case studies to inspire.  The essence of today’s modern thinking in one nice, neat package. Read this book.

Jon Swartz, Technology Reporter, USA Today says:

An essential read on social business.

Ted Murphy, CEO of IZEA says:

Articulate, succinct and inspiring! Michael has captured the essentials of running and building a business in the social media world. This is a must read for small business owners and Fortune 500 executives alike.

Jennifer Leggio, ZDNet business blogger and enterprise marketer says:

Social media for enterprise markets has a much different set of complexities than social media for consumer markets. Michael Brito has successfully captured and explained these complexities in such a way that enterprise marketers can and should use this book as a how-to manual for social business for years to come.

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble says:

Social Media has empowered the Social Customer which is forcing all businesses to be more human and in touch.  It is imperative that companies today understand what Social Business means and how they can begin to effectively practice it internally and externally within their organizations.  Michael Brito’s book “A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization” is an outstanding guide to understanding Social and the steps necessary to leverage its power to compete effectively in today’s changing business landscape.

Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President, SAP says:

To thrive and win in the dynamic new world of social business, you need a strong foundational understanding, a clear and purposeful strategy, and playbook to turn concepts and intentions into actions and results.  In “Smart Business, Social Business,” Michael Brito delivers these essentials so you can get going – now – on the path to social business success. Read, conceptualize, customize, execute, win.